R&M Plant Procurement, LLC is a wholesale plant broker servicing the Pacific Northwest. R&M works with landscapers, contractors and designers assisting in the procurement and delivery of all their plant needs, big or small. This allows our clients more available time to design, bid, sell and install jobs while increasing production and profitability.


R&M is a locally owned business that delivers quality plant material for residential and commercial jobs. Our nursery and sales office is located in Salem, Oregon. Offering free delivery into Southwest Washington, the Portland Metro area and surrounding suburbs, the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast and Central Oregon.


The business was started in 2003 as a way to bring quality plant material to Landscapers, Contractors and Landscape Designers. The concept for the business was a result of prompting by long time friend and expert designer, Tina Miller. Tina had insisted that there was a need in the market for a company that could not only source plant materials, but deliver them as well. It was a quick discovery that Tina had been absolutely right about the need for us!

R&M is owned by Rachel Ralstin. She enjoys having the ability to help other companies run more efficiently while sharing her love of plants and maintaining high quality standards. As well as being able to offer steady employment and living wages to her amazing employees.

Rachel Ralstin has over 28 years experience in the horticulture field, mainly in sales but not limited to production, inventory and grading with extensive knowledge in perennials, natives, groundcovers, shrubs and trees. Rachel handles most of the sales and sourcing (by phone and field) of the plant material. “
It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business in the nursery industry, providing excellent service to my customers and excellent working conditions for my employees.” - Rachel Ralstin

Our team has gained most of their experience of nursery stock by hands on experience, and has been the driving force behind R&M - literally! All of our team members come from varied backgrounds but not necessarily in plants. Since the beginning they have a keen eye for detail and insistence upon perfection that has made them experts in identifying, selecting, grading, handling and transporting nursery stock. Our team is always insuring that every plant is correctly labeled, loaded and safely delivered.



R&M Plant Procurement’s highly skilled staff works hard everyday picking up plant material, delivering plant material, loading, unloading, tagging, cleaning, pulling orders and more - making sure that our customers are satisfied 100% of the time!

Driving for R&M are William (Billy) Doucette, Jordyn Michael, Gary Chase and Joshua Ralstin.
Our drivers all have experience with nursery products and are trained in quality control and transportation. Their goal is to deliver only the finest quality plant material with a great attitude - and they hit the mark every time!

Our Employees also work hard at our plant yard pulling our customer’
s orders. Rain, snow and if they are’ lucky a little sunshine too! Each order is pulled ahead of its delivery to make sure that each plant is of the highest quality, that it is the correct plant, that it is labeled, and ready to go to the job site.

Leigha Gherghetta manages our sales office along side Rachel, paying bills, reconciling accounts, and bridging the gap between sales, shipping and the CPA! Leigha also works at answering phones, spear heading marketing projects, plant sourcing, doing data entry and helping to keep the office running smoothly. Leigha is a Jill of all trades and invaluable to our team!

R&M Plant Procurement services high-end Landscapers and Designers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Bringing them the quality plant materials they deserve in the time frame that they need. We are a fantastic company, with bright, skilled and caring employees and creative, honest, successful customers. We thank God everyday that we have both!