R&M Plant Procurement services landscapers and designers by sourcing and delivering plant material for residential and commercial jobs. We deliver the highest quality plant material to your job site or office throughout the Willamette Valley and outlying areas - including Vancouver. R&M also offers heavy equipment operations for heavy materials, auger services for planting and even heavy material install. Pricing based on scope of work.

Our plant brokerage firm will quote, order and deliver any trees, shrubs annuals and/or perennials that you need, at any time, for any size job. The average turn around time on most orders is 1 week.

R&M will quote any bid within 24 hours (most bids take only 2-4 hours).
R&M delivers all your plant material within days of your placing an order.
R&M has no delivery charge.
R&M has the ability to locate any plant.